Teaching Staff:
Full time Professors: 
Fr.Expeditus Jayakody, Archdiocese of Colombo – B.Ph., B.Th., S.T.L. (Rome)
Mariology, Sacraments in General, Baptism & Confirmation, Introduction to Theology & Theological Method
Fr. Alex Costa, OMI– S.T.L. (Rome)
Spiritual Direction.
Fr. Cyril Joseph, Archdiocese of Colombo
Latin. English Language
Fr. Niranjan Fernando, Diocese of Chillaw – S.T.L. (Rome), S.T.D. (Manila) History of the Church (Modern), Missiology
Fr. Nilindra Gunasekera SSS – B.Ph., L.S.S. (Rome)
Gospel of Luke Acts of the Apostles, Pauline Epistles.
Fr. Philippupillai Christunayagam, Diocese of Mannar – B.Th., S.T.L.(Rome)
Fundamental Moral Theology, Marriage, Sexuality.
Fr. Wimal Siri Jayasuriya, Diocese of Chilaw – B.Ph., B.Th., Dip. In Eccl. Administration, Dip. In Eccl. Jurisprudence,  Ph.D. (Rome)
Canon Law, Special Canonical Questions, Pastoral Theology
Fr. Ajith Wellington OMI – B.Th., L.Ph. (Rome), Buddhism (Peradeniya)
Introduction to Philosophy, History of Ancient Western Philosophy, Metaphysics,
Medieval Philosophy, Latin.
Fr. Vimal Tirimanna CSsR – S.T.D. (Rome)
Marriage, Sexuality, Medical Ethics
Fr. George Linton Perera, Diocese of Kurunegala – B.Th., S.T.L. (Rome)
Fr. Shameera Nirosh Cooray, Archdiocese of Colombo – B.Ph., B.Th., (Rome), L. S.T. (Bolongna)
 Ordained Ministry, Christology, Ancient Church History
Fr. Lakmal Perera, Diocese of Kandy – B.Th., S.T.L. (Rome)
Fr. Nilantha Ediriwickrama, Archdiocese of Colombo – B. Th., L. Ph. (Rome)
Fr. George Jeevaraj, Diocese of Batticaloa -B.Th., S.T.L. (Rome)
DEPARTMENT OF THEOLOGY:  Part-time members – Visiting Staff 
Most Rev. Dr. Norbert Andradi, OMI – S.T.L. (Rome), Ph.D.(Ottawa)
Problems of Dogmatic Theology
Most Rev. Dr. Harold Anthony Perera – B.Th., M.A. (Rome), Seminary Formation, Dip. In Computer Science
Management & Administration, Property & Pastoral Care.
Most Rev. Dr. Winston Fernando, SSS – B.Th., S.T.L. (Rome), Rel.Edu. (Manila), Liturgy (Maynooth)
Ecclesiology, Laity
Fr. Romesh Lowe, OMI – B.Ph., S.T.L.(Rome)., D.Th., Ph.D.(Rome)
Trinity, Theology of Religions, Social Doctrine
Fr. Alvin Peter Fernando, Diocese of Kandy- B.Ph., L. S. S. (Rome)
Synoptic Gospels, Prophets, Psalms, Gospel of St. John, Biblical Hebrew / Greek, Prophets
Fr. Edward Christy Fernando, Diocese of Kandy – S.T.L. (Rome), Ph.D. (Bangalore), M.Phil. (Peradeniya)
Pentateuch,  Historical Books
Fr. Sunil Rupasinghe SSS – Psy. D. (U.S.A.)
Integral Human Development.
Fr. Daya Welikadarachchi – L.S.S., M. Past. Healthcare (Rome)
Special Questions in Scripture
 Medical Ethics, Catholic Social Ethics
Fr. Justin Chawkan, SSS – L.C.L., Ph.D. (Leuven), S.T.D.(Rome)
Eucharist, Sin & Grace
Fr. Jeyaraj Rasiah, SJ –  B. A. (Mysore), M. Ph. (Pune), S. T. L. (Rome), Ph. D. (Sri Lanka)
Fr. Reginald Lucian, OMI – S.T.L., (Rome), Dip. In Ch.Hist. (U.K.)
Patrology, History of the Church (Medieval)
Fr.James Jayasinghe, OMI – B.Ph., B.Th.(Rome), L.C.L.(Ottawa)
Canon Law, Consecrated life
Fr.Gregory Vajira Silva, TOR – B.A. (Rome), M.A. in Theology (Collegeville)
Wisdom Literature
Fr.Chandana Sanjeewa Perera, CSsR – B.Ph., B.Th. (Rome), P.G. Dip. In Psychology (Peradeniya)
Fr. T. Soosainathan OSB – B.Ph., S.T. L (Rome)
Fr. Suranga Indrajith OMI – B. Ph., S.S.L. (Rome), Dip in Hebrew (Jerusalem)
Introduction to Scripture, Letter to the Hebrews, Biblical Hebrew
Fr. Roy Clarence, Diocese of Kandy – B. Ph., B. Th. (Rome), S. T. L (Leuven), M. A. in Theology and Religious studies (Leuven)
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