“The principle of an eminently pastoral formation underlines the fact that Pastoral Formation must permeate the entire Priestly identity in its spiritual and human dimensions. All our efforts to form the seminarians must be aimed at this target. Yet, besides this general focus of the formation process, we need to analyze pastoral and apostolic formation as a specific area with its own objectives and means because it is not a mere adornment, which puts the finishing touches on a priest. Christ called the twelve apostles to be sent out to preach and gave them priestly powers to be used for the mission which He entrusted to the. From the outset, they knew they were apostles and understood that their priestly nature was a part of their apostolic identity. ‘Since the seminary is intended to prepare seminarians to be shepherds in the image of Christ, priestly formation must be permeated by a pastoral spirit. It will make them able to demonstrate that same compassion, generosity, love for all, especially for the poor and zeal for the kingdom that characterized the public ministry of the Son of God. This can be summed up as pastoral charity.’…”

(Quoted from the Inaugural Address of the Rector Revd Fr Expeditus Jayakody at the Solemn Inauguration of the Academic Year 2017 -2018)


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