Every facade of life looks the same aiming at something to be achieved or to be explored whereas the inner edifice is coloured and structured fussily and is so specific per capita. Presentation of our lives in the hands of God to be authored comes prior to all which is the life of the consecrated.

The National Seminary that had been the pioneer in academia of Sri Lanka forms well educated and spiritually God-oriented priests enthralled by a spiritual environment and pastoral experience. This hallowed institute is composed of two faculties that are Theology and Philosophy. To understand the former proper the latter contributes and cements the foundation of reason.

Being the National Seminary, it heralds and fosters the patrimony through the three cultural academies corresponding to the three major languages of the country and helps excavate the treasures hidden in the members’ potentiality.

The austere look of the building contains within it a spiritually aureate type of structure along with many places to pray and reflect that take the dweller to a divine foretaste. A perambulation in ‘The Emilian Walk’ gives a vivid panorama of hills and an aerial view of the longest river of Sri Lanka for the Seminary is blessed with its perched placement on the hilltop.

This formation house is a cog in the machine, affiliated to the Universal Mother Church of Jesus and sets its goal in accordance with its motto, i.e., “To Prepare Perfect Men” (Parare Plebem Perfectam).

Seminary is more than a place, a material space, it is a spiritual place, a way of life, an atmosphere that fosters and ensures a process of formation, so that the person who is called to the priesthood by God may become, with the sacrament of orders, a living image of Jesus Christ, head and shepherd of the Church…. to live in the seminary, which is a school of the Gospel, means to follow Christ as the apostles did. (cf. Pastores Dabo Vobis Number 42)

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